“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”

(Isaac Newton, 1675)

We stand on the shoulders of giants, having grown from the knowledge and labour of others that came before us.  In the pioneering winemaking community of Martinborough, we are now stewards of a viticultural legacy.  Our family, mentors and founders of our craft have lifted us up to produce this series of single-vineyard wines.

The Winegrowers

Braden and Gabrielle Crosby standing in-front of their vineyard

Braden and Gabrielle Crosby are winegrowers, gardeners, parents and lovers of wine, driven to make textured white wines and perfumed Pinot Noir from their four hectare vineyard in the heart of Martinborough.

Braden had spent the previous twelve years making wine, and running vineyards for small producers in the Wairarapa and around the world, including Napa, the Loire, Ontario and the Hunter.  Gabrielle, a formally trained photographer, has worked for the last twelve years in marketing roles.   After an epiphany when working harvest in Alsace, Braden and Gabrielle both left their jobs to search for the best vineyard they could find back in the Wairarapa.

Discovering the notable McCreanor vineyard in Martinborough, they purchased it in 2015.  The husband and wife duo live on site in the 120 year old cottage at the face of the property, and have expanded their team to include their three young children.

In the winter of 2020 Braden was offered the role of Vineyard Manager at Ata Rangi, so now spends his weekdays tending to their vines, and his own in the weekends, while Gabrielle tends the children.